Want to eat healthy but don't have the time?

Try Dailybelnd's Superhealhty Ready-To-Make Smoothies Starting at Rs 150 Per Smoothie

Packed with real fruits, vegetables and superfoods. 

No added sugar or preservatives.


All Natural All For You

Empty the box in your blender, add water or your choice of milk and blend. 


you've just made a superhealthy smoothie superquick! 

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  • How To Store
  • How Long do they last
  • How do you preserve the smoothies
  • How To Blend

Apple Banana Smoothie

  • Apple Banana Smoothie
  • Apples 
  •  Banana 
  •  Oats 
  •  Cinnamon
  •  Almonds

Blend with 100-150 ml of your choice of milk

Apple Banana Smoothie

  • Apple Banana Smoothie
  • Apples 
  •  Banana 
  •  Oats 
  •  Cinnamon
  •  Almonds

Blend with 100-150 ml of your choice of milk

Keep in the freezer.

The smoothie boxes last upto 30 days when kept in the freezer!

We flash freeze all the goodies that go into your smoothie box. All in a matter of seconds. This makes frozen fruits and veggies much higher in nutrient value than your average fresh produce. 

You can make the smoothies with your choice of milk or water. Read label on the smoothie box for blending with instructions!

How To Order

Choose A Box

We sell boxes of 3, 5 and 7.

Starting at Rs 150 Per Smoothie

Add Smoothies To Your Box 

Choose from 14 yummy ready-to-make smoothies 

Place Your Order

Place your order, pay using UPI, Credit Card, Debit Card or just pay cash on delivery

We Deliver

We deliver your ready-to-make smoothies for free within 48 hours. 


About Us

What started as a mother’s dream to whip up a healthy and delicious breakfast for her kids is now slowly growing into the smoothie movement you’d want to be a part of. 

 Daily Blend was born in a kitchen filled with love, as A.R. Madan experimented with various recipes to make the ultimate smoothie for her kids. She wanted to bring all the nutritional benefits of fruits, veggies, and power-packed superfoods into a delicious treat- one that her kids would enjoy sipping on every day. 

 The result?

 A delicious breakfast treat that was ready in a jiffy. Without skipping out on the nutritional benefits of course. 

 In no time, these wholesome smoothies became a household favourite. 

 Mothers loved them because giving their kids a healthier breakfast just got so much easier. Kids loved them because of how delicious and refreshing they were. And everyone else loved them too because how can you resist a great smoothie that’s easy to carry around as you charge through the day? 

The word of her lip-smacking smoothies spread far and wide till finally, Daily Blend came to life! 

 Well, we guess you could say it was a mission accomplished.

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